Feeling Pain Body in The Peaceful Hotel in Cebu

Actually I took a pause in going to my English school this week.

Since last month my energy has just kept going down and suddenly my body, somehow, was telling me “I don’t want to go to school anymore.”

Luckly, I am supposed to take a break from school next week, so I will take two-week holiday. And then, I move to a small hotel around mountains in Cebu.

(I was supporsed to go to Taiwan but I cancelled.)

My school life is mostly inside the same mall, becaue the school and located in it. I really needed sun light, nature, peace, nature, breeze, and so on. However, it is not easy for me to notice what I get used to naturaly.

Little by little, my feeliing is getting better but I know it would take time.

Whenever I feel pain body (named Eckhart Tolle, negative emotion one body pain caused by negative emotion ) in my body, I just feel it. It is amazing that I have enough time to do so now.

Eckhart says that the more I feel pain body in the body, the less pain body is getting. Now I enjoy the process like a game.
Honestly, I wanted to avoid any internet activitiy, but I gave up becaue I realized how much I love my business through the internet and writing. I believe these activities would give me power.
















My Story 2(Until Now) これまで

Luckily, I was able to get some information about Dumaguete City in the Philippines in 2013. My daughters and I moved there easily thanks to my friend’s support. Actually it was the most popular city for retirees, and currently there are many Japanese families living there. I will write about the city in my future blogs.


At the beginning, we cried a lot because my first daughter did not want to go to school. She had studied English before moving, but it was nothing. My second daughter also started to cry, even though she enjoyed the school at first. A few months later, my kids suddenly found friends at school and found school wonderful.


We had to change schools twice and it was common In the Philippines. Every time they changed school, we also had to move to an apartment close to their new school.


During that time we were just following the flow, we take everything by chance. We couldn’t find useful information from the internet, thus, I did get guidance from anyone I coincidentally met along the way.


We often went back to Japan to spend holidays. Sometimes, I learned beauty treatments and opened a private beauty salon in my apartment. I was an eager beaver to teach Math and the violin for my kids as well. It was not always happy but I was able to put lots of effort and spend time with my kids.


Unfortunately, my responsibility of raising my kids abroad was getting heavier as they were growing up. I started to want to go back to Japan. I also began to feel tired as a single mother.


I met my mentor in 2017. It was one of the biggest changes that happened within me. I started to read the books by Eckhart Tolle and I found out that the mother’s role is not who I am. It is just one role. My ex-husband asked me to have custody. Honestly, we got bored to live in the small city. Clearly, it was the best choice for my kids to live in Tokyo for better education. It took time but my kids agreed with moving there.


I made a big decision in April of 2018. Soon after we went back to Japan, my kids started to go to school from my parents home. They went to the same school every year. I went to England to study English and get used to the life without my kids for 2 months. I also lived in Tokyo for 2 months and moved to the Philippines to go to an intensive English school.


This is my story until now. I really appreciate you reading it till the end.












No SNS: a 30-Day Challenge

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a great time with your family and friends.

Actually, I enjoyed the time being alone.

I started to feel tired with my current life style; less nature, hustle and bustle of the city, and lots of homework.

So I decieded to do my best in order to reduce my stress.

One of them is to stop using SNS.


Fortunately, I found my buddy to take on the challenge just this morning. He is my advisary teacher in my school.


Let me introduce the exact rule for it. Basically we are not allowed to use any social media platforms; Facebook(Except for my business group), Instagram, Twitter, and we can use Messanger, Line and Whats App only three times per day and reply to messages. Then only mode of communication using interenet is email.  We have informed our friends and family that they can contact us through email or phone.

These are the times for email, messenger and LINE: 8:30, 11:50 and 18:00.


We are excited what’s in store for us after 30-days.









具体的には、Facebook(仕事に使っているグルーブを除く)、 Instagram、 Twitterを使わないこととし、連絡などで必要ななどは、昼食前にチェック返信することにしました。基本的に近い友人や家族には何かあれば、メールや電話をもらえるようにお願いしました。







My Story 1(Until Becoming a Single Mother) シンママになるまで。

My two daughters and I used to live in the Philippines for five years on and off.

I am going to share my story until I decided to move to the Philippines this time.

In 2011, the big earthquake hit the nuclear power plants in Fukushima, when we were in Tokyo: 250 km far from Fukushima. After that, my kids’ health condition apparently got worse.

Actually there is a big question here.

Is nuclear really bad for our health?

I feel I created my daughters’ health problem myself because of my negative mind. I will talk about it precisely next time.

After trying to live in Tokyo for a few years, I made a conclusion that my daughters and I move to Matsumoto, where was less polluted. Matsumoto is a the most beautiful city I have ever lived. Amazing mountain views always healed me. However,  I had been exhausted there because of caring my kids’ asthma and atopic dermatitis at night and part time job to support my household. In the end, I met a car accident… I felt like that I was at the bottom of my life.

Anyway, I decided to get divorced and move to the Philippines, even though I do not have skill or income. I had to rely on my husband’s support and my saving.

I was also disappointed about Japanese government. They said that nuclear was harmless so almost all people tried to believe it including my family. I was totally away. It was very sad and painful. In addition, some friends of mine already moved abroad. Naturally, I started to learn English with online teachers in Cebu and run away to the Philippines just in order to suurvive.


















Detox With MMS デトックス(MMS)

I’ve just finished detox with MMS last week. I got some great results from it. By the way, are you familiar with MMS? MMS stands for Miracle Mineral Supplement, Sodium chlorite (NaClo2). I am going to write about it in detail later.

Actually, I have tried several detox diet programmes since last year, such as kidney cleansing, colon cleansing, and liver and gallbladder cleansing. I got great results almost every time. However, I was very satisfied with the results this time. It removed my unexplained rush completely and my skin got softer.


In my personal experience, I chose one of the most basic protocols. I took MMS and DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) eight times every after one hour per day for 21 days. At that time, I always had diarrhea so I needed to wake up early in order to enjoy the rest of the day. The ingredients include 3 drops of MMS, 3 drops of citric acid, and 120 ml of purified water. As options, I added a teaspoon of lemon to taste better and DMSO to help carry MMS to the middle of body cells.   


This picture is taken from Jim Humble‘s e-book.

To proceed this detox program, you need to take whole responsibility.

You will get all information and e-book about MMS.


These protocols are found by Jim Humble by chance and have developed through  thousands of therapeutical experiences around the world. These protocols are said that about 90 percent of the disease in the world can be healed by their simple oxidation reactions in your body and have cured lots of people in the world for more than 20 years.


The mechanism is quite simple. MMS  are oxidizers that destroy poisons: chemicals and heavy metals, and kill pathogens by oxidation. Still, its oxidation power is not so strong so it does not hurt healthy cells and then it becomes harmless substance, so it can be used for children or weaken people. When MMS becomes depleted, myeloperoxidase comes into being. It supports your immune system.


By the way, MMS has not been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. So, you have to take full responsibility for your actions. Thanks to the Internet, you can get an e-book of the protocols in detail and buy MMS. This method does not require fasting, so they are much safer compared to other methods. In addition, the main protocol takes 21 days.


Again, you can get more information though this e-book. https://jimhumble.co



MMSというのはミラクルミネラルサプリメントの略で、亜塩素酸ナトリウム(NaClO2:sodium chlorite)です。数十年前から浄水用の薬品として使われていたそうです。





ジム・ハンブル氏のウェブサイト https://jimhumble.co








この図はジム氏の電子書籍のスクリーンショットです。 https://jimhumble.co











How to Deal with Your Negative Thoughts ネガティブな思考の扱い方

I have learned about dealing with our negative thoughts from my mentor last year.  I am going to share about it.


There are more than sixty thousand thoughts come to your head everyday and most of them are negative ones. Moreover, unhealthy thoughts tend to lead you to wrong choices in life as your thoughts affect your action. That is why, it is important to master the way how to deal with negative thoughts. In the end, it could lead you to the ideal life you have desired.


First, you need to prepare in order to find your negative thoughts as much as possible. Actually, many people are accustomed to having negative thoughts. Therefore, practising to pay attention on your thoughts is necessary. Just ten minutes is fine. Close your eyes and count your breathing in your mind (such as, one, two, three, four for inhaling, one, two, three, four, five, six for exhaling). After doing it, you would experience a sense of peace of mind. When you find a thought coming to your head, just accept and ignore it gently. Consistency is the key to success. Do it every day.


Second, analyze your thoughts and deal with them. Whenever you find a thought, ask yourself. Is it beneficial to keep the thought? If no, ignore it, like swiping an application used with your finger. By the way, there is an important point here. To reduce your negative emotions, you need to feel them, especially great sadness. In that case, feel the emotion until the emotion is vanished as long as possible. The more you feel negative emotion, the less the root cause of negative emotion within you.


Last, just do it as much as possible. Give lights on your negative thought patterns and negative emotions. They are certainly losing their power inside of you by your attention. It takes time. Just continue gently. Being kind to yourself is essential as well. Once you master the way how to deal with your negative thoughts, you will be able to live with peaceful mind whatever life brings you.





























Writing to Me

Writing is the best art for me. I can do it anywhere and anytime. I also believe the power of words.

In addition,  I love English itself, English expressions, and culture in English spoken countries.

There are different attractions in writing English and Japanese, so I write both English and Japanese.

I still need to brush up my English, but I will try to share my ideas and some useful information as much as possible.

I hope that the readers of my blog would enjoy my English development as well as my positive energy.